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(March 18, 2012)
Today we, my mum, dad & I, went to see one of Koda's pups, Tango at an agility show being held at Mapledurham.  Tango launched herself at my dad, going mad with excitement over him and then she repeated it with mum and me.
It was lovely to see Mark, Roger & Heather and their other dogs Lizzie & Rex aswell.  We timed it just right as we saw Lizzie do one of her runs and Tango hers, before mum & dad disappeared to my sisters for a Mother's Day dinner.  I stayed and watched the remaining runs that Tango had.  I even got brave and had a go at the nursery course with Kiva.  My agility instructor Stuart even managed to appear just before I went into the ring.  Kiva didn't disgrace herself at all even though we were eliminated lol - I am over the moon at how much improvement she has made in the year and to be honest in the right hands she probably would make a fantastic agility dog!

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