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Koda gets 2nd CACIB!!!

(March 12, 2012)
Well I must be mad but I took Koda to France on Sunday 11th March to a show in Douai.  It was a test to see if I could handle the driving in Europe on my own - I think I passed although I had a couple of hairy moments with the sat nav!!
The judge was Jef Verres, who remarked that she was the best toller bitch he'd seen in a while and that we were unfortunate to have met the toller he considered the best on the continent at the present time.  He also said that he thought all the tollers being shown that day were of excellent quality.  He gave Koda a lovely critique marked her excellent 1er and awarded her the CAC-CACIB and told me she was the Reserve Best of Breed.

Koda standing

The show was very well organised and on the plus side you could leave once you'd been judged unless you had got the BOB.  I love the showing in Europe - your dog is marked against the breed standard and in my case they do not know me at all!!!

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